35 – Neural Networks: Part 2

We continue our conversation on neural networks and deep learning. We dig into the major automotive players who are using neural networks and deep learning in their approaches. We cover what Comma.ai is up to, Mobileye's point of view, Nvidia and their OS for self driving cars and how Tesla is already using them to power Autopilot and will be integral in Enhanced Autopilot and Self-Driving. 

34 – Neural Networks: Part 1

We dig deep into neural networks and AI as it pertains to Tesla. Neural networks have been in the news with Tesla’s full self-driving announcements. We discuss the history of neural networks, deep learning and AI. The advantages of neural networks and why they have come into more prominence recently. And we talk about our own efforts to build a car detection neural network. See our results here: http://theteslashow.com/neural-network-images

27 – White Interior, Blue Accents

We discuss the two announcements from the Paris Motor Show we found most interesting. Both Mercedes and Volkswagen unveiled their new fully electric sub brands – Generation E.Q. and I.D. respectively. We unpack each of the concept vehicles, their plans for eventual rollout, the interesting and sometimes far fetched technical goals of each, and if it each company will be able to make a meaningful impact relative to Tesla.