77 – Model 3 in Depth with Trevor Page

In a special episode guest host Trevor Page of the Model 3 Owners Club joins Caleb to discuss his recent hour long video of his time two days with the Model 3. We cover the exterior, interior, UI, the ergonomics of the touch screen, driving experience, the app and the keycard and more. 

Watch the video Trevor and Ken made here,

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72 – HD Maps with a Special Guest

We do a deep dive into HD maps and speak with former Tesla Autopilot software engineer Andrew Kouri. Andrew is now co-founder and CEO of lvl5 a startup building HD maps using computer vision and crowdsourcing by paying people to record their drives with their smartphones. We discuss the different approaches to HD maps, why companies like Tesla and others working towards self driving will utilize HD maps, and how you can build HD maps from crowdsourced driving video using deep neural networks.

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71 – Simulate All the Things

We discuss how simulation has continued to increase in importance in the development and validation of self driving vehicles and how Tesla and others are using simulation. We unpack the evolution of simulation from playback of driving events, to simulating a new drive, to actually training neural networks inside the simulation. Simulation is a key enabler for massive scaling and improvement of the software.

Article and video we discussed: 
Inside Waymo’s Carcraft Simulator - https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/537648/
Zoox’s usage of Simulation - https://youtu.be/otmxoK4lCNw?t=23m5s

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69 – Dissonance in Your Product Line

We cover the big updates since the first Model 3 deliveries. Starting with the official accessories on the Tesla shop. We also cover Ultra White seats sightings, new details about the Aero wheels, battery capacity and the decision to move to long range naming, permanent magnet motor switchover. We also explain more about the Keycard and Tesla Phone Key feature. And we end with the new interior camera and Autopilot HW 2.5.

63 – SN1 on Friday

We unpack Elon’s recent tweets about Model 3 progress. The news that the Model 3 has passed all regulatory requirements, the first car is scheduled to be produced later this week, and the delivery event is happening Friday July 28th at Tesla Fremont. We try to make sense of it all, how the ramp compares to the S and X and what is still to come.