59 – < 100 Configurations

We discuss the latest specs Tesla has released about the Model 3, their strategy to push sales of Model S and try to correct confusion in the market about Model 3 being better than Model S. We also discuss what the limited set of configs for Model 3 at launch means. We reveal some new tips we have about the Model 3 HVAC system and Tesla’s work on a HUD.

58 – Short Video Clips

Tesla has started collecting short video clips to help improve their self-driving software through crowdsourced learning from their fleet. They are using the clips to improve lane detection, sign recognition, traffic light locations and more. Plus the implications for these clips on training their neural nets, HD maps, and redundancy for sensing.

57 – The Boring Company

Elon is boring. We discuss one of Elon’s latest ventures – The Boring Company. We cover a brief history of tunnels, how Tunnel Boring Machines work, and some of the major tunneling projects in the US and Europe in recent decades. We unpack what The Boring Company is trying to do and what we know about the feasibility of their vision. 

55 – Q1 2017

We unpack Tesla’s record Q1 2017 results. We discuss the latest updates on the Model 3 development, the production lines for Model 3, news about the service and Supercharger expansions, new information about Model Y’s new platform and automation, upcoming Gigafactories, Tesla Semi, China, Solar Roof and more. 

53 – Apple Car

Apple was recently approved to test autonomous vehicles on the streets of California by the DMV. The long rumored Apple car project has been picking up in the recent months. We discuss the puzzle of what Apple could be working on and how they could bring a car or transportation service to market, and the difference in strategy compared to Tesla.

51 – Mobileye + Intel

Intel is buying Mobileye for $15 billion. Mobileye was a key supplier for Tesla’s Autopilot before Tesla moved to the new HW2 suite and Tesla Vision for software. We discuss the history of Mobileye, how they work with major automakers for ADAS, and their intentions to move into full self-driving functionality. We also unpack why Intel wanted Mobileye and how it will help bring the technology to market sooner. 

50 – A Smaller, More Affordable Version of Model S

We unpack Elon’s recent tweetstorm focused on the Model 3 and the first video of a release candidate version of the Model 3. We are joined by a special guest Trev Page who runs Model 3 Owners Club. We cover what it means for Tesla to change tact and start with RWD only vehicles, the bigger goals of a smooth production ramp, and we discuss how the HUD is out and how it is a good sign Tesla has learned their lesson from Model X. 

49 – Batteries: Part 2

In Part 2 of our battery episode we continue our discussion with Bernard Kim. We cover all sorts of topics. Why does capacity and thus range go down over time? Why can you brick a Tesla? What are the limits to the speed you can charge a battery? Does the rumbling from a Tesla cause any issue for the batteries? How can we know a battery will actually last for 10 years or more? How new developments in precise measurement instruments impacts the ability to iterate on new chemistries. As well as what is coming next in lithium ion batteries, how much innovation is chemistry limited, vs. manufacturing capability limited. 

48 – Batteries: Part 1

We have a special two part episode about batteries, the fundamental enabling technology for Tesla. Since it’s such a big topic area, we brought in a special guest, Bernard Kim a PhD from University of California Berkley specializing in advanced battery technology to discuss everything batteries –their history, how they work, why AA’s are different than what’s used by Tesla, what causes batteries to degrade and more.